The Ace Union Prepaid MasterCard®
Ace Union Prepaid MasterCard provides you with the facilities of funds transfer, bill payments and mobile top-ups. Ace Union Prepaid card can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. Ace Union prepaid card can be loaded using Pound sterlings and Euros on over 1000 locations in UK and Europe.

Where can I get one?
You can get Ace Union prepaid cards from our agents in UK and Europe.
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No need of Bank Account

You do not need a Bank Account for Ace Union Prepaid card neither it is associated with your bank account. You can load your Ace Union Prepaid card through our registered agent.
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ACE Products
Features of Ace Union Prepaid

Ace Union card is as simple to use as “Pay-as-you-Go” mobile phone.

Ease of Re-charge
You can reload your Ace Union Prepaid card at over thousand locations in UK & Europe.

Convenience of Use
Ace Union Prepaid card can be used wherever MasterCard acceptance mark is displayed:
  • ATMs
  • Bill Payments
  • Overseas Transactions
  • Mobile Top-Ups
It’s Secure
Instead of carrying cash, you can carry Ace Union Prepaid card secured by Chip & Pin Technology, which perfectly fits into your wallet. Stolen cash cannot be retrieved but the card can be, all you need to do is report your card lost or stolen immediately and you will receive a new card within a few days.

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